Your Financial Aid Award outlines the aid that you will be eligible to receive for the academic year. Your Award may contain various types of financial aid (grants, scholarships, federal loans). 

Terms & Conditions:

In addition to reviewing your Financial Aid Award, it is important that you review the information in your Award addendum. Your Award addendum contains important information about financial eligibility, renewal, financing and payment options. 


Depending on your Financial Aid Award and FAFSA application, you may be required to complete additional requirements (i.e. Verification, Master Promissory Note (MPN), Entrance Counseling) to finalize your Award for the academic year. 

The Financial Aid Office will contact you after June 1 with instructions on how to complete your outstanding Award requirements. Be sure to respond to the emails and letters sent to you from the Financial Aid Office. All emails will be sent to your Siena email address. 


A student may receive a revised Award during the academic year due to the receipt of additional assistance and/or changes in eligibility.