Siena’s Financial Aid Office may be able to adjust your FAFSA information, in accordance with Federal regulations, under certain extenuating circumstances. In order for the Financial Aid Office to review your situation, you must submit the Change in Circumstances Form and the required supporting documentation.

Examples of extenuating circumstances that can be considered include:

  • Substantial medical or dental expenses not covered by insurance
  • Private elementary or secondary school tuition
  • Recent unemployment of a family member
  • Divorce/separation of parents

Examples of circumstances that cannot be considered:

  • Consumer debt
  • High Mortgage
  • Car Payments
Submitting Your Request for Review:

If you have extenuating circumstance please follow the steps outlined below to notify the Financial Aid Office of your circumstances.

  • You must have submitted your FAFSA for the academic year in review
  • Submit the Change in Circumstance form, required documentation and a letter explaining your situation to the financial aid office for review.

Once the Financial Aid Office has received your information, your situation will be reviewed. In the event the student’s financial aid eligibility has changed, the student's financial aid package will be adjusted.

Information can be emailed to the financial aid office at

The Financial Aid Office will not be able to review your request until all required information has been received.