First-Year Students: Self-Assessment

Many students think career planning is just for seniors. Not so – it is a process that should begin early in one’s undergraduate career. Thus, CEPD encourages first-year students to attend events and work with Career Counselors.

Get to know yourself and begin exploring major and career options. Take the online self assessment Sokanu to learn more about yourself, your interests and potential careers. Schedule a follow-up appointment with a Career Counselor to fully understand your results. Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your interests, values and skills.

Get involved. Participate in campus activities and join student clubs and organizations to explore your interests and expand your skills. Attend Career and Internship Center and other campus events. Utilize your breaks to gain work, volunteer, internship or research experiences. 

Get connected. Log onto CareerSaint to fill out a profile. Create your first resume, have it reviewed, and upload it into CareerSaint. Begin your exploration of digital professional development tools like LinkedIn and ePortfolios. 

Sophomore Students: Career Exploration

After learning more about yourself, sophomore year is the time to focus on your choice of major and conduct career research and exploration. 

Conduct your own career research. Take the MBTI self assessment and schedule a follow up appointment to interpret the results, your career goals and potential professions with a Career Counselor.  Research potential careers through the various databases the office utilizes. Talk with professionals in a variety of fields to learn more about different careers. Set up informational interviews or job shadowing opportunities 

Connect and participate. Continue to be involved or get involved campus with campus clubs and organizations. Update your resume and have it critiqued by The Career and Internship Center. Curate your ePortfolio by adding in important artifacts from the many facets of your Siena experience. Connect with fellow Saints, professionals, and companies on LinkedIn that interest you. Attend The Career and Internship Center events. Utilize your summer break to gain work, volunteer, internship or research experience.

Junior Students: Career Exploration and Internship Implementation

Now that you have done the research on many different career options, it is the time to narrow down your choices and explore them in depth. You’ll also want to gain some valuable experience and network – get to know people in your prospective career field. 

Refine your resume. Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your career preparation and post-graduate plans. Update your resume and have it critiqued by The Career and Internship Center. Your high school information should now be off your document. 

Interview and network. Be prepared for an interview by doing a mock interview. Actively utilize LinkedIn to network; join groups and connect with alumni. 

Participate! Use your summer wisely — secure an internship or job or volunteer in a career field of interest. Seek leadership opportunities in clubs. Attend CEPD events like the Accounting and Finance Career Fair, the STEM Career Fair or the Spring Internship and Graduate School Fair.

Research and apply. Think about what comes after Siena – work, graduate/ professional school, year of service. Narrow your career choices down to 2-3 fields so you can fully explore each. Continue conducting informational interviews or job shadows to talk with people in your potential career areas. If thinking about graduate school, research standardized tests and schools of interest.

Senior Students: Job Search and Career Management

For the past three years you have been actively thinking about yourself and narrowing your options. During senior year you delve into finding the next place for you. Your career/graduate school search should be in high gear all year long. 

Strategize. Meet with a Career Counselor to discuss your post-graduation plans and to develop a strategy. If thinking about graduate school, take necessary entrance exams, narrow your choice of schools, request letters of reference, complete applications, apply for financial aid and fellowships/scholarships. Ensure your resume is updated with all of your experiences. Edit your ePortfolio to highlight your achievements and skills to potential employers or graduate school admission panels. 

Search. Update your LinkedIn profile and use LinkedIn to network and search for positions. Search for professional positions in Career Saint and through on-campus recruiting, other websites, networking and targeting places of interest  Prepare for interviews by doing a mock interview with an employer or Career Counselor to discuss how you can best represent yourself. 

Participate. Do an internship to gain experience. Attend the Accounting and Finance Career Fair, the STEM Career Fair and/or the Spring Career, Internship and Grad School Fair.