Position Description

  • The Honors Director will teach two courses per semester, typically in the Honors Program. 
  • The Honors Director is a half-time administrative position. 
  • The Director will be a full-time, tenured member of the faculty. 
  • The Director will be elected by the faculty for a three-year term, renewable once. 
  • The Honors Director may be removed by a 2/3 vote of the Board of Instruction, following a full review. 
  • The Honors Director reports directly to the Vice President for Academic Affairs, for administrative and budgetary functions 


  • Conduct Budget preparation, implementation and supervision 
  • Conduct short-term and long-range planning for the Honors Program
  • Annual assessments and annual plan submission
  • Coordinate / prepare Honors Program documents regarding course listings, program description, admissions, etc. 
  • Maintain student database 
  • Chair the Honors Program Committee 
  • Submit grant requests, as required
  • Provide staff supervision / coordination, as required
  • Present Honors Committee reports and concerns to the Board of Instruction 
  • Recruit and mentor faculty participating in the program 
  • Arrange for priority registration for Honors students in Honors courses 
  • Coordinate Study Abroad options for Honors students with Director, International Study Program 

Curriculum Development

  • Coordinate curriculum design for colloquia 
  • Organize, schedule and implement Honors colloquia 
  • Solicit new Honors courses 
  • Orient Honors faculty 
  • Coordinate Honors theses and independent projects 
  • Establish / monitor teaching / learning requirements for the program, including Assurance of Learning assessment and reporting
  • Coordinate with Deans to evaluate transfer-credit Honor courses

Recruitment / Retention of Honors Program Students

  • Develop promotional materials (i.e., brochures, course descriptions, etc.) 
  • Design and distribute Letter of Invitation to all  Presidential Scholar applicants 
  • Coordinate recruiting sessions and interviews at designated Admissions on and off campus events.
  • Conduct review and recruitment of current Siena College students who may be qualified for invitation to the Honors Program
  • Select students for the Honors Program, in collaboration with the Honors Committee
  • Provide overall assistance / mentoring to Honors Program students regarding Honors Program requirements, in coordination with students’ academic advisors
  • Recognize the achievements of Honors Program participants and graduates