Transferring to a new school... perhaps Siena? Whether you've just spent two years at a community college or you've decided to switch to a more perfect four-year fit, you no doubt want to make the move as seamless as possible and check off all the right boxes in the transfer process. One thing you definitely want to be aware of? Transfer scholarships. Yes, they exist!

Right off the bat you’re in a smaller pool of students eligible for them, and colleges want to reward you for your outstanding academics, so do your due dilligence and inquire what your new college has to offer (remember to also ask about endowed scholarships.). And look below too. We found a few transfer scholarships not associated with colleges that are worth applying for if you qualify, and we listed several that are specific to Siena. (And in case you're interested: see what it's like to transfer to Siena.)

Marketing EDGE Scholarship

Deadline: April 15, 2018

Details: Transfer students committed to pursuing a career in marketing are eligible to apply for this scholarship with an award of $5,000. Additional requirements include a 3.0 minimum GPA, a letter of acceptance from your new four-year school and application as proof of enrollment. Applicants should have taken two or more college-level marketing courses during their two-year studies.


Deadline: November 2018

Details: Students with a 3.5 minimum GPA who demonstrate significant financial need and plan to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program at a four-year institution are eligible to receive up to a $40,000 award. Applicants must be a current student with sophomore status or recent graduate of an accredited U.S. community college or two-year institution with sophomore status by December 31 of the application year.

The Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Deadline: April 2, 2018

Details: Students of Hispanic descent with a college GPA of 2.5 or better are invited to apply for this award of $5,000. You must plan to attend an accredited, non-profit institution as a full-time student for the fall of the scholarship year cycle (AKA, fall 2018). U.S. citizens, permanent legal residents, DACA or eligible non-citizens can apply and receive this scholarship.

Siena College Franciscan Transfer ScholarshipS (New amounts!)

Deadline: N/A

Details: Students with a cumulative GPA between 3.0 - 3.19 are eligible for an annual award of $10,000, and students with a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or greater are eligible for an annual award of $12,000. Scholarships are renewed each year provided you maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.1.


Deadline: N/A

Details: Students with a cumulative GPA of 2.99 and below are eligible for an annual award of $7,000. 

Siena College Phi Theta Scholarship

Deadline: N/A

Details: Member of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society? You may be eligible for the $14,000 annual award amount at Siena. Scholarships are renewed each year provided you maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.1.

The Murphy Family Scholarship

Deadline: N/A

Details: The Murphy Family Scholarship was established by Alison K. Murphy '93 to honor the 60th birthday of her father, Michael E. Murphy '70. The scholarship will be awarded to a transfer student(s) majoring in History or Marketing/Management. The award is based on need.

The Joseph E. Scafidi Memorial Scholarship

Deadline: N/A

Details: The Joseph E. Scafidi Memorial Scholarship, established by his wife, Elizabeth Kelly Scafidi, is awarded to an entering (including a transfer student) or current student on the basis of financial need. Preference will be given to a student who is enrolled in either the School of Business or School of Science and who is a graduate of South Colonie Central High School, Colonie, NY. Awardees may also be graduates of one of the following high schools: LaSalle Institute, Troy, NY; Maple Hill, Castleton, NY; Bishop Maginn, Albany, NY, or Berne-Knox-Westerlo High School. The scholarship may be renewed for four undergraduate years.

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