Siena Science Students Present At Chemical Symposium

Siena Science Students Present At Chemical Symposium

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jack Rogers '16 and Dr. Kristopher Kolonko present their research.
Jack Rogers '16 and Dr. Kristopher Kolonko present their research.

Siena College hosted the 8th annual American Chemical Society Eastern New York Undergraduate Symposium on April 13, 2016. This symposium featured posters and oral presentations highlighting the undergraduate research of 47 students from 10 colleges and universities from across the Capital District.

Eight Siena students, representing the departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Physics and Astronomy, Biology as well as the SAInT Center, presented their work at the event.  This list includes: Kathleen Ackert, Brian Christofel, Nicole Howells, Michelle Langton, Bryce Lipinski, Dorothy Miller, Addison Rodriguez and Jack Rogers. More Siena students collaborated to author work at the event.

Kathleen Ackert and Dr. Kristopher J. Kolonko, Hopping Toward Understanding Yeast Metabolomics - LC-MS Study of Dry Hopping Effects on Yeast Metabolism.

Stephen T. Deyrup, Riley G. Risteen, Zenab. B. Ahmed, Brian T. Christofel, Nicole R. Howells, Scott R. Smedley, Chemical analysis of Photuris femme fatales shows sequestration of lucibufagins from Ellychnia corrusca.

Michelle E. Langton, Zackary R. Gregg, Mary E. Zick, Elizabeth L. Smith, Joshua C. Kranick, Jodi L. O’Donnell, Lucas J. Tucker, Design and synthesis of cholesteric liquid crystalline porphyrin VOC sensors.

Bryce Lipinski, Muhammad Z. Khan, Amy Smith, Joe Kuehner, Daniel F. Moriarty, Isolation and Characterization of Antibacterial Molecules From Various Species of Cinnamon and Thyme.

Dorothy J. Miller, Matthew J. Gunsch, Kathleen A. Leamy, Manuel E. Peña, Terence W. Amonica, Lucas J. Tucker, Jodi L. O’Donnell, Metalloporphyrin-based dual-mode colorimetric sensors.

Addison W. Rodriguez, Stephen T. Deyrup, Painting the cuvette red: A solvatochromic and computational study to determine ground- and excited-state dipole moments of alizarin.

Jack Rogers and Dr. Kristopher J. Kolonko, Analysis of Dust Particles using Scanning Electron Microscopy and Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy.