Ready, Set, Pitch

Ready, Set, Pitch

Friday, April 28, 2017

The New York Business Plan Competition is one of the largest collegiate competitions of its kind anywhere in the world. Since 2010 – more than 2,100 teams have competed for more than $2,300,000 in prize money.  This year, Siena’s one of only 10 New York institutions to qualify 5 teams to the state finals. From SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Albany, the finalists will pitch their ideas to a panel of judges. Venture capitalists, investment bankers, and seasoned entrepreneurs will award a half-million dollars in grants. The top 3 teams will be honored from each of the 6 categories.

Inky Community – Information Technology/Software
Inky Community is a place for writers, primarily of poetry and short stories, to share their work without being exposed to the social judgement often associated with other platforms. This text only web and mobile application allows for a greater creative expression by focusing purely on the content.
Mikayla Lansing ’19, Simon Bruno ’18, George Santoire ’17, Hamza Memon ’18, Tristan Canova ‘18

JobLights – Products
JobLights will help management monitor working conditions on a jobsite. This innovative product is a failsafe, guarding against heat related illnesses. JobLights will enable employers to check on issues of compliance within a matter of seconds.
Joe DeMarco ’18, Anthony Chapones ’18, Joshua Daly ’18

Finest Tide Oysters – Products
Finest Tide Oysters is an oyster farm in Southold, Long Island. The farm boasts a unique delivery system which guarantees customers will receive their orders within an hour of their call. Finest Tide Oysters’ original wet storage system has the potential to be a game-changer in the oysters market.
Michaella Barracato ’17, Robert Ewing ’17

Let’s Chat About it – Social Entrepreneurship/Non-Profit
Let’s Chat About it is a wellness support platform where people in substance abuse recovery and those living with mental illness can share, support, and connect. Let’s Chat About It can help users adjusting to life after in-patient care and also provides a community for people in all stages of recovery.  
Bryce Fraser ’17, Garrison Grant ’17

TeachMe – Information Technology/Software
TeachMe is a mobile platform for sequential learning which provides a more organized and efficient way to practice. The technology could work for any team sport, but right now, TeachMe is focused on dance. They’ve developed a streamlined process that creates almost no work for the studio owner.
Firmin Alexander ’17, Jen Hogan ’17, Kevin Danaher ’17

Stack Center Executive Director Matt Cusack ’89 overseas Siena’s participation in the NYBPC