London Internships Are Life Changing for Siena Students

London Internships Prove to be Life Changing for Siena Students

Friday, February 27, 2015

By Jenna Kersten '17

Siena College is located in the heart of New York’s Tech Valley where opportunities for internships and work experience abound. For those students looking for international experiences, Siena also provides a pipeline across the pond to England.

Every year the Center for International Programs sends students to London to participate in internships while they study abroad. During their time away, students typically take three classes and intern in a field related to both their majors and career goals.

“It helped me understand the business tendencies of other cultures,” said finance major Joe Gonyeau ’16 who interned at a finanicial think tank.

Gonyeau was among the five Siena students that took part in the program last semester. Students also interned at a London-based law firm, a marketing company and even Parliament.

“When I’m applying to law school or to future jobs, they’ll be able to see that not only did I work when I was in college, but I moved to a completely different country on the other side of the world, and I worked there too, while I was studying,” said political science major Dylan Porcello ’16. 

For marketing major Tom Kendall ’16, working in London opened his eyes to the potential of pursuing a path he didn’t think was possible just a few months ago. “Before I went abroad, I didn’t realize that it was as realistic to have a career goal to work internationally,” said Kendall. “Now, I think that is a whole lot more realistic.”

The experiences that students gained through the London internship program will be invaluable after they graduate from Siena College. Whether they transition to graduate school or into the workforce, these students will have a distinct set of skills and meaningful stories to share.