How To Build An Air-tight College List

How To Build An Air-tight College List

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

It's called the "blank canvas" problem.

There's so much space, so many possibilities and so many choices to make that it can paralyze you. There are thousands of colleges out there. How do you even begin to find the one that's right for you?

We're going to help! Here's how to make an air-tight college list.

Start writing down everything you can think of. The canvas isn't actually as blank as it seems, right? There are some marks on there! You just need to do a little squinting to see them. Ask yourself these questions: How far do I want to be from home? What kind of campus do I see myself on? Do I want to be in a big city or a small town? Do I know already what I want my major to be, or do I need some time to figure that out? Do I want a school with a big athletics program, or am I more interested in an arts program?

Write the story of your college experience. In your vision of your perfect college experience, who are you, what are you doing, how are you doing it? Don't hold back! Draw your most ambitious picture.

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