Blessing of the Brains

Blessing of the Brains

Thursday, December 15, 2011

By Eric Guzman '12
It’s a Siena tradition for students to gather with the friars for some spiritual guidance before final exams begin.

The Office of the College Chaplain hosts the “Blessing of the Brains” celebration to give students a chance to take a break from studying and relax before the week of finals.

After the Gospel, music from the chapel choir and a series of Intercessions, each student received a blessing from College Chaplain Fr. Greg Jakubowicz, O.F.M. and other friars. “May God bless you and open your mind with wisdom and understanding,” they said while blessing the students.

“I thought it would jinx me for finals since I’ve never been to ‘Blessing of the Brains’ before, but I really enjoyed it,” said Lauren Goca ’13. “Fr. Greg made me relax a little when he said that grades are important but you have to put things in perspective.”

In addition to providing spiritual guidance and a brain blessing, the service, in a sense, blessed bellies as well. Students gathered to enjoy a breakfast spread and took home the official Chaplain’s Office Exam Week Survival Packages complete with snacks, pencils and a calming prayer.

“It’s a good way to end the semester, I haven’t missed a service since my freshman year,” said Joseph Scannell ’12. “At this point, I’ve done well on all my finals and wouldn’t want to take a chance without a blessing. The food is also a good distraction from studying.”

As Siena students enter the long week of final examinations, the “Blessing of the Brains” provides spiritual guidance and full stomachs to calm their nerves and focus their energy on the final academic push before the semester break.