• Following New York State guidelines for best practices, visitors to campus will be limited to guests invited/being hosted by an on-campus office. 
  • Students may not host off-campus visitors or guests, including family members.  Exception: Parents will be allowed on campus for medical or mental health emergencies. These campus visits must be coordinated with the Dean of Students Office. 
  • Retail services such as Ubers and other ride-shares, taxis, flower delivery, food delivery, etc. are welcome to campus for a short period of time to drop off goods to students/location. Vendors must wear a mask while on campus. When possible, drivers will stay in their car and students/Siena community will come to the car to get their goods.
  • Signs will be posted on campus gates indicating that due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the campus is open only to current students, faculty, staff and invited guests of the College.
  • The College will require invited guests to fill out a daily health screening questionnaire for COVID-19 prior to coming onto campus.  They must be registered in advance.