move in information

  • International students will move in August 3 and 4. 
  • First-year students will move in August 19 and 20. 
  • Returning students will begin a staggered move in process starting August 21 unless otherwise identified below.

    Students will be receiving more information about their exact move-in time in early August.
  • All international students (including Canadians) and students returning from states with high rates on infection will have to quarantine for 14 days when they arrive on campus. Even if they take a test which shows no infection, the 14 day requirement is still in place. More information is provided here. 
  • Students will need to complete a health screening form for COVID 19 prior to arrival on move in day and will complete a temperature check upon arrival.
  • We strongly encourage all students to obtain a PCR test at home no more than 7-10 days prior to arriving on campus to assess their own health and exposure to COVID-19. Depending on where the students live and their insurance coverage, the cost of the test may be fully covered. If not, the College will reimburse any student who chooses to be tested prior to returning to campus for all documented expenses incurred related to their PCR COVID-19 test. Testing is available to any New Yorker who wants a test and is free at any state-run facility. Find a testing site near you here
  • Students will be allowed a maximum of 2 guests to assist on their assigned move in day. Each guest must be approved after completing the Health Form that will be sent out. 

 general information

  • Acceptable facial coverings for the nose and mouth, including cloth masks and face shields, are required to be worn by all community members inside all College buildings unless the person is alone, or with a roommate(s), inside their residence hall room, suite, or townhouse, or inside their office, or other private space. An exception is made while eating, but social distancing should still be observed, and the facial covering must be used when stepping away from the table. Community members must also wear facial coverings outdoors when six feet of distance from others cannot be maintained. When alone and outdoors, all individuals are expected to have a facial covering with them at all times. (The MAC is currently closed pending New York state guidance on reopening workout facilities, at which point this policy may be amended to address protocol for facial coverings while exercising.)    
  • There will be set occupancy limits for any available communal spaces that are accessible for students (lounges, computer labs, etc).
  • Two guests will be allowed per living space over the normal occupancy (6-person house or suite: 2 visitors, 8 total people; 4-pearson house, suite or room: 2 visitors, 6 total; 3-person room: 2 visitors, 4 total; 2-person room: 2 visitors, 4 total; single: 2 visitors, 3 total).
  • Students are not restricted to campus, but are strongly encouraged to limit their off campus activity as much as possible. They are expected to abide by CDC guidelines while off campus.
  • Siena’s Community Living staff are planning new ways to build and develop the community through virtual or small-scale events to allow for socialization while maintaining physical distancing.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been installed in every residence hall entry area for students to utilize. Soap dispensers are located in every communal bathroom in every residence hall and are checked daily by custodial staff. 
  • The College is working with the Albany County Department of Health to ensure testing is available for students who present COVID-19 symptoms.


How are new regulations going to affect housing and roommates?

As we prepare for the fall and our students' return to campus, we recognize that the pandemic has changed the way we will be doing things on campus. This year, more than any other year, communication between roommates about shared expectations related to living arrangements will be essential. If there are any changes to housing due to public health and/or NYS guidance, we will reach out directly to any students affected.

Will there be any change in the maximum number of students per room? (For example, will quads stay quads, will 6-person townhouses remain?)

The College is still reviewing guidance related to requirements and best practices related to the capacity of the residence halls and townhouses. If changes are made, students will be contacted directly with updated information. The College is still determining what, if any, changes may be instituted regarding guests/visitors and once those are finalized, they will be shared with the campus community.

Where will students arriving early to quarantine on campus stay? What will the 14 days consist of?

All international travelers (including Canada) and students returning from states with high rates on infection will have to quarantine for 14 days when they arrive on campus. Even if they take a test which shows no infection, the 14 day requirement is still in place. Students will be housed in Snyder Hall and provided all the necessary bedding. All of their personal belongings that they don't need for the quarantine will be placed in their assigned room for the semester. The Office of Health Promotion will be scheduling programming for students in quarantine. If students experience symptoms during their 14-day quarantine, a health official will visit daily to monitor.

They will be contacted by Siena's Community Living office prior to arrival.

Where will students be quarantined if they become sick? Will there be dedicated space on campus to quarantine?

If a student presents symptoms or is identified as a proximate contact or exposed to someone with COVID 19, the student would call Siena College Health Services (an affiliate of St. Peter's Health Partners) to be further triaged and directed to an isolation room in Snyder Hall until a test has been done and results are in. In most situations, per New York state guidelines, a student would be placed on a medical leave and required to go home for recovery if tested positive. In cases where a students cannot leave campus (e.g., international students), quarantine rooms have been identified and will be used appropriately.

Since students will be returning to campus while it is still summer, will air conditioning units be allowed in the dorms?

No. Due to the power draw demands of air conditioning units, we do not allow AC units in the residence halls. Fortunately, our buildings do manage to keep cool if windows are left open during the evening with a small window/box fan and/or an oscillating standing fan.  While we recognize that the earlier start date may mean a few more days of heat than normal, usually by early September things are starting to cool down, especially in the evenings, and if windows remain closed during the day, the cool air holds well in the residence halls.

Are there off campus housing options?
If you are interested in living at a nearby hotel (Siena shuttle provided) instead of on campus, reach out to for information. 

More questions?