general information


  • The 2020-21 Academic Calendar has been modified to provide our students with the best chance of completing full academic terms of in-person instruction, and to help mitigate the threat of the coronavirus spreading on campus.  
  • Classes for the fall semester will begin on Monday, August 24, the last day of classes will be Thursday, November 19 with Reading Day the following day. Final exams will be held November 21-25.
  • The daily class schedule has also been adjusted for reasons of safety. The time between classes has been extended to 20 minutes to allow for spot cleaning of high-touch areas in classrooms and to ease congestion in the hallways. There will no longer be a mid-day free period. 

classroom & online learning

  • Acceptable facial coverings for the nose and mouth, including cloth masks and face shields will be required in classrooms and labs.
  • All faculty will maintain office hours this academic year. Whether they will be held remotely or in-person will be determined by the individual faculty members. In-person meetings will adhere to social distancing and face covering requirements.
  • Students can expect a mix of course delivery methods in the coming semester. The Siena faculty have been working vigorously to ensure that every course maintains Siena's Education for a Lifetime in whatever format necessary. 
  • Approximately one-quarter of all classes will be delivered either completely online or remotely this fall.
  • Technology required to provide live-streaming of classes has been purchased and will be installed by the beginning of the fall semester. This technology will allow students to effectively participate remotely in classes that are being offered in person.
  • Classrooms will be restricted to 50 percent capacity, or students will be seated at least three feet apart, whichever amounts to lower capacity (regardless, masks are always required in the classroom). The College will also hold classes in other spaces, such as the Sarazen Student Union.
  • Thorough cleaning of all classrooms by our custodial staff will occur in the early morning hours. High-touch surfaces will be disinfected twice a day by custodial staff; this frequency will be adjusted if needed.
  • Classrooms will be outfitted with sanitizing kits for faculty and students to use on their desks, tables, podiums, etc. between classes. 
  • The College is still in the process of determining the most effective way for Student Support Services to operate, but be assured that there will be no reduction in services.


How will I know where my class will be held, or if it will be online?

Class location assignments will show as 'location TBA' or 'Online' in your Banner Self Service account on or after July 25.  It will continue to be updated as we approach the start of the fall semester, so please be sure to check these assignments prior to your first class meeting. 

How can students change their class schedule?

Students should reach out to their advisor, the assistant or associate deans for their schools, or the SASE office if they wish to adjust their schedules. After July 24, students will have access to registration and will be able to add and drop courses. Please refer to the academic calendar for the last days to add and drop classes.

Will tuition and fees be adjusted?

No. Dual delivery of courses requires a significant investment. In fact, many colleges include a distance learning fee due to the additional costs of designing and delivering remote courses, including instructional designers, instructor training, media production, and technology. Also, faculty are spending an increased amount of time preparing their courses to ensure a high quality experience.

Will I be required to wear a mask in class or in my lab?


Will I be able to take all my classes remotely?

Students who wish to take all of their coursework remotely must contact Jennifer Costello ( in the Student Academic Success and Engagement Office to initiate the request.

How will in-person and off campus internships/experiences for the Fall work?

Internships will continue as long as businesses are open and can safely practice social distancing. There will be some programs that operate remotely, as well as some in-person.  Field experience requirements, such as education and nursing programs, will be fulfilled. We will be working with sites and students to make sure these requirements are met.

What are some possible alternative class structures?

Face-to-Face classes are traditional classes that meet on campus.  They are indicated with 'TBA' as the location because classroom assignments are being finalized.  A specific classroom will appear in Banner before the first day of class.  Many of these classes may be split, with half of the students meeting in the classroom one day while the other students participate remotely.  Other classes will be able to accommodate all students in the classroom at once.

Online, synchronous classes are classes that meet only online, but there will be a 'live' component so students will participate remotely at the same time.  These classes have 'Online' as their location and a specific meeting time is provided.

Online, asynchronous classes are classes that meet only online and there is no 'live' component so students will not need to participate remotely at the same time.  These classes have 'Online' as their location and no specific meeting time is provided. 

Hybrid classes are classes that are a combination of in-person meetings with the entire class and online work.  They are indicated with 'Hybrid' as the instructional method on student schedules.

What will be used to sanitize the classrooms?

“Green” cleaning solutions will be used initially, followed by disinfectants with high alcohol content.

Will science labs, creative arts studios and other non-traditional classrooms be adjusted for social distancing?

These types of instruction settings will be restricted to 50 percent or students sitting three feet apart, whichever amounts to less capacity. In addition, plexiglass barriers are being installed and other accommodations are being made in these spaces.

Will there be changes to the hours and/or the configuration of the Library? Can books still be checked out?

Yes and yes. Just as is being done with all other locations on campus, the Library will be configured to adhere to social distancing. There will be some adjustments to the hours of operation, but nothing significant.

What will be required of face covering arrangements for those who are visual / hearing impaired?

The College will work with individuals to make appropriate accommodations to the best extent possible. Students requiring special accommodation should contact Julia Gold ( and employees should contact Sherrill Brown (

Will there still be the option of doing service in the community for the fall 2020 semester?

 Service in the beginning of the fall 2020 semester should be managed remotely, if possible. Off-campus service opportunities will require approval and a signed agreement by the service site. In all cases, Siena community members must abide by all virus-related College policies such as social distancing and face coverings. Priority will be given for service experiences that are required for academic programs and/or demonstrate significant experiential opportunities. 

Will there be internships this semester?

Internships may be performed in person with permission and agreement by host sites and students regarding precautions and risk.