Updated April 10, 2023

Marching Forward outlines Siena’s ongoing response to COVID.

All classrooms, residence halls, dining areas, and athletic facilities are operating at normal capacity, and all extracurricular activities, including student club functions and sports, are scheduled without restrictions. The FAQ below and the tabs above should address most COVID-related queries. All other questions may be directed to ask@siena.edu.



Are Siena community members required to be vaccinated? 

The COVID vaccination series and boosters will be strongly recommended for students entering Siena beginning in the fall of 2023 and employees hired after June 5, 2023. As the College has done throughout the COVID emergency, the update to policy was made following a comprehensive review conducted by our St. Peter’s Health Partners Health Services and a thorough analysis of their conclusions. The end of the national COVID emergency declaration was also factored.  

Some academic experiences or programs, including clinical settings, study abroad or internships, may require the COVID -19 vaccination for eligibility to participate. The College also reserves the right to modify its medical and vaccination requirements based on the public health situation, Centers for Disease Control guidelines, or NY State Department of Health directives. The College will actively review changes in the public health environment and make evidence-based decisions in response to future developments.

COVID disease remains a reportable communicable disease to the County Health Department for notification and coordination of care. Positive COVID cases among students will continue to be monitored and those students will be advised by Health Services on isolation and masking requirements per current CDC guidelines (see: Isolation & Quarantine).

Are masks currently required on the Siena campus? 

Anyone who would prefer to wear a mask in any setting is welcome to do so. Community members should evaluate their personal comfort level based on individual circumstances. For optimal defense, consider a filtering facepiece respirator, such as a N95 disposable mask designed for personal use. Respirators have better filtration and can provide a higher level of protection than cloth masks.  

Students, employees, and visitors are required to mask when visiting Health Services as well as common areas at the Counseling Center and the Office of Accessibility. Inside individual spaces/offices within the Counseling Center and the Office of Accessibility, continued masking will be discussed between the provider and the student/visitor.   

Faculty members, at their own discretion, may require masking in classrooms, laboratories, or other instructional settings. 

Is testing being done on campus?

Health Services will offer diagnostic testing for all students who present symptoms. Students are encouraged to have their own supply of home tests with them on campus. Tests can be ordered at no charge HERE

What should I do if I develop symptoms consistent with COVID?

Guests should refrain from visiting campus if symptomatic, and any employee who develops symptoms consistent with COVID should stay at home, contact their supervisor, and get tested. Students who are experiencing symptoms should not attend class, immediately notify their professors, and contact health services to get tested. If the test result is positive, isolate and contact Siena College Health Services at 518-783-2554 or Public Safety at 518-783-2376 if it is after business hours. It is expected that faculty will be understanding and accommodating of students who are on medical leave (tested positive) and students who are sick. Symptoms of COVID can be found on the CDC website HERE.  

If you have any questions you can contact ask@siena.edu or 518-782-5600.