Tuition & Fees

Tuition & Fees

Cost of Attendance

Cost of Attendance is an estimate of the total amount it will cost a student to attend Siena for a year before financial aid is deducted. Most of our students pay much less than the listed tuition thanks to the many scholarship and grant opportunities for Saints. The best way to get an estimate of your actual cost to attend Siena is by using the Net Price Calculator.

While a substantial portion of the Cost of Attendance listed below is comprised of tuition and fees, other expenses are also included. The Cost of Attendance has two components: Direct Costs and Indirect Costs. Direct costs are charges billed directly to you by the College such as tuition, housing and food. Indirect Costs will not appear on your bill, but are estimated costs associated with going to college and should be included in your budget. These include items like books, transportation and personal expenses.

2017-2018 academic year

2018-2019 academic year