Donna D. McIntosh

Professor of Social Work

Phone: (518) 783‑4261

Donna D. McIntosh


M.S.W. University at Albany, State University of NewYork
BSW Buffalo State College
A.A. Jefferson County Community College


I knew I wanted to be a social worker from the time I was 15 years of age and have never looked back. I received my BSW from Buffalo State College and my MSW from SUNY Albany. I have worked in a variety of settings both as a BSW and MSW practitioner including substance abuse treatment, domestic violence, homeless services, youth and adolescent services, elder care, women’s health, day care, and mental health. As I grew and changed as a social worker my focus became systems change, policy advocacy, grant writing, program development and administration, and higher education.

What I love about Siena:

Teaching in a small undergraduate school in one’s home community is the best deal there is! I love the age group of the students, the smallness of the college which allows for relationship building with students and alumni. When people ask me what I do, I am proud to claim an affiliation to Siena and its reputation, Franciscan Tradition, and mission.

My Favorite courses to teach are:

I love social work….still after all these years. Teaching social work classes is my social work practice and the scholarship and service that I do on and off campus enriches what I bring to the classroom. I have taught all but one of the required social work courses. But it is clear from the students’ labeling me as the "macro queen" that the courses in community organizing and policy advocacy (which are considered macro focused social work) are teaching to my passions, strengths, and interests. I also have had the privilege of teaching an elective on troubled teens and juvenile justice and a course in advocacy and activism.

Professional Experience:

Department Chair Siena College 2016 - Now
Department Chair/Program Director Siena College 2015 - 2015
Coordinator of Field Educadtion Siena College Social Work Program 2013 - 2015
Professor Siena College 2006 - Now
Department Chair Siena College Social Work Program 2002 - 2010
Associate Professor Siena College 2001 - 2001
Tenured Siena College 2001 - 2001
Coordinator of Field Education Siena College Social Work Program 1997 - 2001
Weekend Resident Relief Manager Watertown Council on Alcoholism 1997 - 1979
Assistant Professor of Social Work Siena College 1996 - 1996
Visiting Instructor - Social Work Siena College 1995 - 1995
Summer Youth Jobs Trainer Hudson Valley Comm. College 1995 - 1995
Adjunct Instructor- Social Work Graduate School of Social Welfare State University at Albany 1992 - 1992
Executive Director Mental Health Association in Fulton/Montgomery Counties 1992 - 1995
Adjunct Instructor Hudson Valley Community College 1990 - 2000
Associate Executive Director Equinox, Inc. 1985 - 1992
Program Director Jones Boarding Home 1983 - 1984
Teacher Assistant Stony Brook Day Care Center 1983 - 1983
Social Work Assistant Presbyterian Homes of Western New York 1981 - 1982
Counselor, BSW Intern Erie Medical Center 1980 - 1982
Medical Secretary Dr. John Wadsworth, Private Psychiatric Practice 1979 - 1982

Why I chose Siena:

Being among the friars and the working presence of Franciscan values, which are so closely aligned with my professional social work values, reminds me every day to reach for higher ground as a human being. I am stronger spiritually for being here at Siena and that in turn makes me a better teacher and social worker.

My teaching philosophy:

I try to be a role model. How? I stay grounded in the real world of my profession, stay contemporary and on top of my game, ignite passion, am involved, set high standards but allow for human fallibility, am creative and challenging, laugh often, and encourage thinking outside the box!

This was a first and only advocacy leadership award given by the NYS Social Work Education Association in recognition of more than 15 years of organizing and leading an annual legislative advocacy day for BSW and MSW students and faculty from across the state.
category: Service-Professional
NYS Social Work Education Association, 2015
ºSocial Work Educator of the Year, Fall 2008, NYS Social Work Education Association.
category: Teaching
NYS Social Work Education Association, 2008
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