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I am a visiting assistant professor of Political Science and International Relations. My research interests include political thought, social space, and critical race theories, and my book, Totalitarian Space and the Destruction of Aura, will be published by SUNY Press in March 2019. I hold a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Ottawa and MAs in Applied Language Studies and Contemporary Continental Philosophy from Carleton University and Brock University, respectively.

Degree Program University
Ph.D. Philosophy University of Ottawa
M.A. Applied Language Studies Carleton University
B.A. Philosophy Carleton University
M.A. Contemporary Continental Philosophy Brock University

Articles & Book Reviews

  • The Left's Culturalism and Rojava
  • Womenless Space
    Telos: Critical Theory of the Contemporary
  • Panopticism and Totalitarian Space
    Theory in Action, vol. 11
    January, 2018
  • The Inauthenticity of the Left in the Kurdish Liberation Movement in Iraqi Kurdistan
    Critique: Journal of Socialist Theory, vol. 46
  • Culture as 'Ways of Life' or a Mask of Racism? Culturalisation and the Decline of Universalist Views
    Critical Race and Whiteness Studies, vol. 11
  • Foucault, Truth, Genealogy
    Kinesis, vol. 37
  • Mass Mentality, Culture Industry, Fascism
    Kritike, vol. 2
  • What is Sufism?
    Forum Philosophicum: International Journal for Philosophy, vol. 13
  • Wisdom Poisons Life
    Philosophical Frontiers, vol. 3

Books & Book Chapters

  • Totalitarian Space and the Destruction of Aura