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 I received my B.A. and M.A. in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University. My doctoral work in experimental psychology (Cognitive) was completed at Vanderbilt University. I joined the faculty at Siena in 1983, immediately after completing my graduate studies.
  During my time at Siena I have had a wide range of research interests. In particular, after teaching a course in Drugs & Human Behavior, I took a sabbatical and worked with colleagues at RPI and Albany Medical College, in order to increase my knowledge of psychopharmacology. I continued to collaborate on research with them for many years, working on preclinical studies, assessing the usefulness of various chemical compounds as potential medicines for reducing craving for addictive drugs (particularly stimulants, like cocaine).
  I have taught many different courses, most of which are in the area of experimental psychology, but also Foundations (first year seminar), and electives such as Cultural Psychology. I especially enjoy mentoring students on research projects and have supervised many honors thesis projects, and students' Research Methods II projects.

Degree Program University
Ph.D. Unknown