At Siena, we provide instruction in all levels of American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.

Why Study American Sign Language (ASL):

  • Many states have passed laws recognizing ASL as a complete and natural language.
  • Hundreds of colleges and universities throughout America now accept ASL in fulfillment of language entrance and exit requirements.
  • More and more television stations are using sign language in their programs and advertising.
  • Most school systems are now mainstreaming their deaf and hard of hearing students-- dramatically increasing the need for sign language interpreters.
  • More and more employers are looking for applicants who can sign. They know that having signers on their staff can contribute toward a good faith showing of compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act and similar legislation.
  • A snowball effect is taking place as more and more people learn to use American Sign Language.
  • While many languages are "dying off", American Sign Language is growing in usage every day.

Above list from American Sign Language University.