Procedures for Accepting Students with a Bachelor’s Degree   

Have official transcripts from ALL institutions of higher education sent to the Director of Field Experiences in the Education Department.

  1. Meet with the Director of Field Experiences to discuss your background, transcripts, and the program requirements.
  2. Meet with a representative of the appropriate subject matter department for a transcript review to determine if the candidate has completed the degree requirements, has a subject matter background which meets the needs of the secondary school teacher, and has the required GPA.
  3. Based upon this interview, recommendations may be made to the candidate for additional course work and/or directed readings to be completed before the Professional Semester. A report of the interview is provided to the Director of Field Experiences.
  4. Complete EDUC 210, EDUC 260, EDUC 261, and EDUC 365 with an EDUCATION GPA of at least 3.0. 
  5. Submit proof of successful completion of a college level study of a language other than English or its equivalent.
  6. Submit a portfolio
  7. Submit the completed "Application for Admission- Transfer Recommendation Form

All of the above must be submitted/completed one year prior to student teaching (student teaching is only offered during the spring semester).

The Education Professions Committee (EPC) will review the portfolio and interview the candidate. This committee makes the final decision as to which applicants are admitted to the certification program.

Returning students may take EDUC 210, 260, 261, 365 and, if officially admitted to the program, EDUC 481 and 482 on a per credit hour cost basis (as long as you do not take more than 11 credits during any one semester). HOWEVER, returning students must pay FULL TUITION for the student teaching semester since they will be taking 14 credits during that one semester and thus are considered a full time student.