New York State is mandating electronic portfolios from all candidates for teacher certification.  Part of this Educative Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) requirement is for student teachers to have video of themselves teaching included in their portfolio.

For this reason, we are now asking student teachers to produce multiple videotapes of their teaching at both the middle and high school that can be used as part of their electronic portfolio. You need to specifically record the lessons that you will be submitting to SED as part of your portfolio, but we strongly encourage you to video tape yourself often in order to have a good pool of videos from which to choose.

We ask you to secure access to digital video recorders for your use throughout the semester. Video cameras work best, but phones or iPads can work as well.  When choosing a deivce to record, keep in mind audio quality is the most important factor in your video!  If you have trouble finding a device, the Education Department has video cameras available to borrow on a first come, first served basis.  

Suggestions for the taping:
  • Focus the camera not only on the student teacher, but on the students as well. Attempt to capture the dynamics of the classroom.
  • Move the camera to show to show the teacher interacting with students, and students engaged (or not) in learning.
  • Ensure that the quality of the video (e.g., sound, light, focus) is good. The viewer needs to not only be able to hear what the teacher is saying, but what the students are saying as well.

 If your school has a specific policy regarding the videotaping of students that may cause a problem for our student teacher completing this assignment, please notify either the Director of Field Experiences, Jennifer Pendleton,  (phone 783-4122 or e-mail, or Dr Mark Jury, Chair of the Education Department (phone 783-4259 or email so the situation can be discussed.