Lesson plans vary from school district to school district.  There are key elements that should always be included in the plan so that anyone can read the plan and get a full understanding of its purpose and direction.  These elements must be included in your edTPA lesson plan submissions as well.

  • State-adopted student academic content standards and/or Common Core State Standards that are the target of student learning (Please list the number and text of the standard. If only a portion of a standard is being addressed, then only list the relevant part[s]).
  • Learning objectives associated with the content standards.
  • Informal and formal assessments used to monitor student learning, including type(s) of assessment and what is being assessed.
  • Instructional strategies and learning tasks (including what you and the students will be doing) that support diverse student needs.
  • Instructional resources and materials used to engage students in learning.

Also be sure to include:

  • Accommodations for students with special needs
  • Differentiation strategies
  • Language supports for ENL students
  • Students' prior academic knowledge
  • Your knowledge of your students' personal and cultural assets