The online programmatic assessment system is housed in the Siena College Education Department and contains data needed for NCATE/CAEP accreditation activities as well as program recognition. The purpose of the online programmatic assessment system (OPAS) is to monitor teacher candidates as they progress from the student teaching term to program completion. OPAS also ensure that data is collected systematically as scheduled and on a continuing basis, timely analysis, generation of useful reports, and application by unit faculty and supervisors for unit, program, and candidate improvement. OPAS is aligned to the conceptual framework and our continous assessment and improvement process would provide relevant data to adapt the assessment system overtime.

The Education Department requires all content area departments (i.e., English, Mathematics, Modern Languages-French/Spanish, Science-Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Business, and Social Studies-History and American Studies) to follow unit assessment practices each term and to document and complete the program/subject area online forms at the end of each semester. Ongoing assessment of student teacher candidate progress is essential to ensure that all candidates become proficient in the knowledge, skills, and dispositions and professional subject area standards necessary to help all K-12 students learn.

Each specific programmatic assessment form as instituted by the department collects data on candidates’ performance by their professional subject/program area standards and depicted along with accompanying scoring rubrics. OPAS is aligned to key program assessments and also to specialized professional associations as well as NCATE standards. Rubrics that accompany each assessment instrument address critical elements and levels of performance required to meet the respective program standards. Standard-based performance assessment of our candidates documents candidate learning and achievement; diagnose learner strengths and weaknesses; monitor student teacher candidate performance progress; and to certify candidate mastery at specific levels of instruction or readiness to complete the preparation program. 

Student teachers must meet required performance evaluations and data from these assessments form the basis of decisions on student teaching practices and recommendations of candidates for state certification. Each assessment instituted by the content areas in which the Education Department certifies candidates is required for program completion. The education programs’ assessment measures and elements were aligned with NCATE and specialized professional associations-SPA’s standard elements to ensure that our candidates and programs meet national professional standards at the time of graduation. All licensure programs in OPAS have two sections of data; program specific clinical data and course-embedded key assessments.