Majors, Minors, & Certificates

Data Science

Data plays an ever-increasing role in today’s society. Companies in every field need skilled employees with the technical know-how to transform all of that data into meaningful information. Set yourself apart and launch an in demand career through courses like database management, statistics and public opinion, as well as internships and team projects.

Siena’s future data scientists develop a mastery of data mathematics, statistics and programming. Graduates from this program have training and experience in finding patterns among immense, unstructured data sets; skills that are applicable—and in demand—in business, the natural and social sciences, and many other fields.

Highlights include:

  • Choose from two tracks: data science or applied data science. The former emphasizes laboratory learning. The applied track allows students to customize their subject matter with courses from programs like physics or political science.
  • Develop career-ready skills: Students are prepared not only for today’s data science careers, but to learn about technologies and techniques that may emerge after graduation.
  • Access to an in-demand field: There remains a tremendous skills gap occurring in data science. One study projects that in 2018, data science jobs in the U.S. alone will exceed 490,000, while there will be fewer than 200,000 available data scientists to fill these positions.
  • Faculty expertise: the Data Science program at Siena College is truly interdisciplinary, and it is run by a league of professors from several Departments across the College, with vibrant research programs, active interest in the field, and substantial expertise at the national and international level.