Dr. Charles Seifert

Are you facing unprecedented challenges in your organization related to the economic environment, changing customer demands, technological innovation and investor expectations?  Are you looking to develop new competencies, refine existing practices or create cultures that foster continuous improvement? 

If so, this institute is an exciting opportunity for you.  We develop and administer cost effective leadership training programs for organizations in the Capital Region and beyond.

What we provide

Leadership Development

  • Emphasizes the importance of emotional intelligence and helps you determine how to increase your ability to regulate your emotions
  • Explores motivation theories and helps you develop your ability to successfully motivate your employees

Making Effective Decisions and Leading Change

  • Discusses the predictable and random nature of decision opportunities and how you can prepare yourself to make better decisions
  • Introduces a four-phased model of organizational change this is equally applicable to individuals, groups and entire organizations

Planning and Implementation Strategies

  • Addresses how to effectively integrate mission, vision, core values, goals and objectives to help craft the right strategy for your organization
  • Introduces the methods and concepts necessary for increasing organizational effectiveness

Development of Staff, Students, Faculty and Administrators

  • Helps you determine your preferred style for resolving conflict and provides suggestions for employing other styles which are better matched to different situations
  • Examines hurdles to goal setting, monitoring performance and providing effective feedback

Benefits of our program

  1. Developing competencies needed to further enhance your leadership skills
  2. Applying cutting edge leadership concepts to the higher education environment
  3. Increased understanding of your strengths and opportunities for improvement
  4. A leadership advancement certificate from Siena College

Rensselaer County Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Leadership Advancement Series has a partnership with the Rensselaer Chamber of Commerce

Leadership Institute for Academic Library Managers

The Leadership Institute for Academic Library Managers is offered as a part of Siena College’s Institute for Leadership Development (ILD).

Erik Eddy

Program Director