We offer a diversity workshop that will enhance curriculum in the classroom and equip students to be cross-culturally competent.  These workshops are presented and facilitated by our trained student leaders.  Interested faculty members may contact Br. George Camacho, OFM for more information at gcamacho@siena.edu.

We offer the following:

Game of Enlightenment: An interactive life size board game where participants can learn about privilege and social identities. 

Breaking the Chain:  An experiential workshop, which allows participants to experience life in the identity of others by seeing and carrying the weight of being stereotyped.  Participants will understand the difference between diversity and inclusion as well as learn to raise their level of sensitivity towards others who are different from themselves by being active bystanders and in turn building a welcoming and respectful community for all.  

Microaggression Training: An interactive dialogue providing a thorough description of microaggressions.  Participants will understand the various manifestations of microaggressions, their impact on targeted individuals and marginalized groups, as well as how to actively and prudently intervene in order to build a welcoming and respectful community for all.