Travel and Research Resources


CURCA provides the tools and funding for students to present their research at local, regional, national and international conferences.

Travel Resources

Before Conference:

  1. Complete the Application for Student Travel
  2. Email a copy of your acceptance notification you receive from the conference to
  3. CURCA will review your funds request and contact you about the level of funding awarded
  4. Once funding is approved, contact Caroline LaFleche to coordinate travel and reimbursement information.

**For additional information about travel expenses and reimbursement, please refer to the College's Travel and Entertainment Policy.

After Conference:

  1. Bring all orginal receipts to Caroline LaFleche and she will process the reimbursement for your travel expenses. 

Research Resources

Suggested Guidelines for Research Posters:

  • Poster title should be gold type, Times New Roman, 130+ pt. size
  • Poster subhead should be white type, Arial Bold, 70+ pt.
  • Major section headings should be green type, Arial Bold, 48 pt.
  • Section subheadings should be black type, Arial Bold, 36 pt.
  • Text in boxes should be black type, Times New Roman, 34 pt. size
  • Margins should be no smaller than 1.25" inches from the edge of the page, and 1" between section boxes.
  • Names of authors should be listed under the Subtitle area on bottom right of poster.

** Please note that the Research Poster Template is sized to fit a standard tri-fold poster board (48in x 36in)

Suggested Guidelines for Research Presentation