Register for an ACOM course

Register for an ACOM course

ACOM courses give students hands-on experience and vital skills and knowledge for professional futures! ACOM students walk away from a class with lessons that stick with them and work that can be highlighted on resumes and cover letters.

What is the ACOM Attribute?

The ACOM Attribute

The ACOM Attribute found in Siena College courses means that the course has a partnership with a local community partner, such as a nonprofit, school or government agency. ACOM courses work in a variety of different ways to collaborate with the community partner to create a sustainable program or solution to a community need.

  • Direct Service/hands-on - students are spending time at the community partner doing volunteer hours and collecting data for class projects.
  • Indirect Service/behind the scenes - Student primarily focus on a project that will benefit the partner such as a needs assessment, program evaluation or enhancement of resources
  • Hybrid/both - Most classes are a hybrid of the two combining hands-on time at a community partner with academically rigorous projects that enhance the learning goals of the class.

If you are interested in knowing more about the type of engagement work being done in the ACOM class you are interested in you should reach out to the faculty member and ask!

Benefits of the ACOM attribute

“I was able to learn firsthand how to work well together with my peers and how to effectively collaborate and lead.”-ACOM Student Participant
  • Helps build real professional skills
  • Leads to future research and internships with community partners.
  • Builds meaningful partnerships and relationships in the community outside of Siena.
  • You can see the sustainable change you are making while fulfilling class requirements.
  • Work on class projects that make a tangible difference.

Examples of ACOM Classes


When logging on to your web 4 students to look up classes to add, look under attribute type and select Academic Community Engagement (ACOM). When you see the ACOM attribute reach out to the faculty member and ask what the project looks like!

Creative Arts

Scott Foster
CREA 460 Figure Studio


Dr. Michelle Liptak
WRIT 240 Peer Tutoring in Writing


Dr. Ashley Provencher
ECON 300 Economics Of Crime

Dr. Arindam Mandal
ECON 490 Economics Of Discrimination

Environmental Studies

Dr. Kate Meierdiercks
ENVA 460 Environmental Applications
ENVA 400 Advanced GIS

First Year Seminar

John Harden
FYSM 100/101: Community Engagement

Dr. Michelle Liptack
FYSM 100/101: Crossing Borders

Dr. Elizabeth Redkey
FYSM 100/101: Leadership


Dr. Jennifer Dorsey
HIST 485 Public History
HIST 327 New York State History
HIST 480 Internship In History

Dr. Tim Cooper
HIST 401 Colloquium in History


Dr. Marcela Garces
SPAN 370 Advanced Spanish Conversation and Composition

Dr. Lisette Balabarca
SPAN 450 Don Quixote


Dr. Paul Thurston
MGMT 211 Management Principles
MKMG 425 Leading Organizational Change
MGMT 336 Mgt Research Methods

Dr. Andrea Smith-Hunter
MGMT Management Principles 211

Dr. Erik Eddy
COMD 300 Community Research & Consulting

Dr. Cheryl Buff
MRKT 332 New Product Dev + Brand Management


Dr. Karen Boswell
PSYC 490 Psychology Seminar - Addiction
PSYC 285 Cross-Cultural Psychology


Dr. Sudarat Musikawong
SOCI 320 Urban Sociology
SOCI 385 Topic in Sociology

Womens Studies

Dr. Shannon O’Neill
WSTU 300 Sexual Assault, Dating Violence, Healthy Relationships Fall 2011