The newly formed Siena College Beverage Institute is a research project that aims to serve the craft beverage community in the Capital Region by providing assistance in marketing, social media, design, photography, video, data tracking, and other areas of interest. As the institute grows, it will offer additional services, including scientific analysis, and the SPIn team will research other needs of the Capital Region craft beverage producers, to see how the institute can serve them best.

Summer 2021 Accomplishments:

  • Established relationship with Craft Beverage trail and assisted with Craft Beverage passport launch 
  • Starting a 3 year plan for partnership with president of Craft Beverage Trail / Upper Hudson Wine Trail
  • Established relationships with community partners 
  • Made mead from “hive to glass” 
  • Learned to blend cocktail bitters 
  • Engaged in a series of tastings culminating in blind tastings
  • Brough various community members together for tasting, education, and brainstorming about the future of the SCBI
  • Created logos for the SCBI
  • Purchased video equipment for the SCBI and taught students how to properly capture images and video with it; created a great deal of media for students to learn to edit and present finished work to community partners.

Next Steps:

  • Establishing SCBI as a year-round research entity 
  • Bring additional faculty and students into the SCBI
  • Continuing to work with established partners
  • Continue to bring community members together to learn more about the beverage industry and how Siena College can help promote it locally

Contact: Dan Moriarty or Br. Tito