Special Projects

Special Projects

Academic Community Engagement (ACE)

Academic and Community Engagement (ACE) has grown from a small staff with the founding Siena College AmeriCorps VISTA Fellows Program to nine staff members and more than 200 students and 30 postgraduates involved in community engagement initiatives...Click here

Athletics: ARC Renovations and Saints Alive!

Over the past 10 years, Siena has increased its athletic scholarships and augmented its coaching staffs, but lacked the resources for a major renovation and expansion of our indoor athletic facilities. Our facilities now lag behind those of our peer institutions, let alone the colleges and universities whose national reputations for academic excellence and athletic success we seek to rival...Click here

The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities (CURCA)

Currently, there are approximately 100 students per year engaged in some form of undergraduate research and creative activity under the guidance and supervision of faculty mentors. We hope to exponentially increase the number of undergraduate research experiences during the Comprehensive Campaign. Supporting these students’ lab and field work, travel, conference attendance, publishing and faculty mentoring takes financial resources beyond what the College can currently provide. An endowment for CURCA will allow Siena College to enhance opportunities for students to partner with faculty members in their research and scholarship efforts. CURCA will also assist faculty in creating an undergraduate research experience for their students. The future director of CURCA will also work closely with the faculty and students to pursue opportunities for co-authorship of journal research articles, joint poster presentations at regional and national conferences and serve as the editor of a nationally disseminated journal on undergraduate research and creative activity.

Far more undergraduates are eager and ready to ignite their imaginations and hone their skills through extra-classroom scholarship and scientific research than there are dollars to fund. Siena’s (CURCA) seeks to:

Match these mutually beneficial needs by acting as the clearinghouse identifying faculty research and creative activity with raring to go, qualified students;
Train and mentor faculty on how to create undergraduate research as a form of teaching;
Assist faculty in finding funding for their research or creative activity; and
Train and mentor faculty on how to create a lab or field work to support their research.

Naming Opportunities

The Center for Undergraduate Research
and Creative Activity1 RESERVED $1,500,000

The Summer Research Scholars Fund2   $250,000

Five (5) $50,000 Summer Research Scholars Funds

The Academic Research Fund3 $250,000
Five (5) $50,000 Academic Research Funds


1 Endow the Executive Director’s compensation.
2 Endow $12,500 to pay for up to twenty (20) students engaged in scholarly research during four (4) – ten (10) weeks in the summer.
3 Endow $12,500 to provide faculty with funding for research as a form of student engagement and pedagogy. The Director of CURCA will create a grant application review procedure to control the awarding of this fund.

Global Medical Volunteers Program

For more than 25 years, students in the Siena-Albany Medical College program have completed a Summer of Service following their junior year. This unique program has allowed Siena students to immerse themselves in disadvantaged regions around the world while developing their medical skills and experiencing other cultures...Click here

McCormick Center for the Study of the American Revolution

As an academic program and outreach initiative, the McCormick Center raises awareness of upstate New York’s significant contribution to the founding of the American Republic by moving the story of 18th century America out of the classroom and into the living laboratory of upstate New York. It builds collaborations between academic and public historians, museum professionals, performing artists and the wider upstate New York communities to support and expand humanities programming...Click here

Nursing Program

The mission of establishing a baccalaureate degree in nursing within the context of a liberal arts education is to advance the skills necessary to improve patient outcomes in compassionate, culturally sensitive and humanistic environments...Click here

Pre-Law Program

Siena’s Pre-Law Program is a one-of-a-kind undergraduate opportunity for students. For more than 10 years, Siena’s eight-week Summer Legal Fellows program has paired a select group of rising seniors with professors and students at law schools around the northeastern United States...See more here

Richard and Joan Rosetti Hall

Siena College looks to our alumni, parents, friends and business partners who understand the great promise and potential of the Richard and Joan Rosetti Hall for their support. To gratefully acknowledge those who participate, donors who contribute at the $5,000 level or higher, have the opportunity to be recognized with an individual plaque for a named space. There are many ways to make supporting Siena College a part of your personal philanthropic plan. Gifts to support restricted fundraising projects may be fulfilled over five years. With your support, countless Siena students will be enriched by your generosity.

Preserve your legacy in this new building by conta

cting Robyn Sanders at rsanders@siena.edu or 518-782-6785.


Ground Floor


Main Lobby $150,000

 Team Learning Computer Lab $100,000

 Computer Media Lab $50,000

 Classroom $50,000  RESERVED

 Video Production Studio $25,000

 Video Editing Suite $25,000

 Entry Study Area (within Main Lobby) $10,000  RESERVED

 Study Area (within Main Lobby) $10,000  RESERVED

 Building Administration Office $10,000

 Academic Tech Office $10,000  RESERVED


First Floor

Rosetti Hall - 1st Floor

 Education Collaborative Learning Commons $50,000

 Classrooms (2) $50,000*

 Small Seminar Conference Room $15,000  RESERVED

 Seminar Conference Room $25,000

 Center for Urban Education $25,000

 Education Department Meeting Room $15,000  RESERVED

 Open Study Area $10,000

 Faculty Offices (5) $10,000*

 Administrative Offices (2) $10,000*

 Education Office of the Visiting Scholar $10,000  RESERVED

 Adjunct Faculty Offices (2) $5,000*


Second Floor

Rosetti Hall - Second Floor

 Social Work Collaborative Learning Commons $50,000

 Sociology Collaborative Learning Commons $50,000

 Seminar Conference Room $25,000

 Social Work Meeting Room $15,000  RESERVED

 Sociology Meeting Room $15,000

 Faculty Offices (10) $10,000*

 Administrative Office $10,000

 Open Study Area $10,000

 Sociology Student Project Room $10,000  RESERVED

 Adjunct Faculty Offices (5) $5,000*


Sarazen Student Union Renovation

This spring, the Sarazen Student Union will be renovated into an exciting student-centered environment with a new lounge open 24 hours a day...see more here

Siena Advanced Instrumentation & Technology (SAInT) Center

The proposed Siena Advanced Instrumentation & Technology (SAInT) Center will involve partnerships with several key industry leaders in scientific instrumentation to provide unique training, research and educational opportunities for Siena College students and the local community. Formation of this center will establish Siena as a leader in scientific instrumental resources and training. The services provided by the center to external users will help bolster the College’s connection with local institutions and companies, while fostering Siena’s core Franciscan values...See more here

David ’73 and Christine Spicer ’75 Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Siena’s Stack Center engages students from the Schools of Liberal Arts, Business and Science through high impact learning practices designed to develop critical thinking, innovation and entrepreneurial skills. Through a process of “Innovate-Create-Accelerate” the students are able to apply these skills to develop and implement successful businesses and/or ideas...See more here

The J. Spencer and Patricia H. Standish Honors Program

The J. Spencer and Patricia Standish Honors Program supports the intellectual and aesthetic growth of its students through personal interaction with faculty and staff both inside and outside the classroom. The Honors Program expands opportunities to develop critical and creative thinking; to gather, synthesize and analyze evidence in making reasoned and informed judgments; to appreciate cultural diversity; and to enhance written and oral communication skills. Every effort is made to challenge the intellectually motivated students while keeping them fully involved in the life of the College. There are multiple points of entry into the Standish Honors Program...See more here

Snyder Hall

To get more information on how you can preserve your legacy in Snyder Hall, please click here.

Business Center $25K (The Class of 2011)

Dining Room  $100K (Morris and Esther Massry)

First Floor Meeting Rooms (3) $10K each

(John J. Nigro - Nigro Companies)

(Steve and Jeanne Obermayer)

(Mr. and Mrs. Steven Powers)

Fitness Area $25K (Stewart's Shops/The Dake Family)

Game Room $25K (The Alpin Haus Game Room/The Heck Family)

Grab-n-Go $10K (Dr. Maryann '86 and Mr. Tim Egan '85)

Laundry Center $10K

Lecture Theatre $25K (Bob Guido '68)

Lobby $100K

Lobby Chandeliers $25K

Lounges (10) $10K each

(Paul A. Cardinal '78)

(The East Cove/Brad Bodmer and Friends)

(Deborah Murnin '91)

(Andrew and Michelle Iulo '99 Shoulder)

6 more available

Mail Room $10K (The Ford Family Mail Room/Heather Connors Ford '89)

Patio $25K (Fr. Kevin Tortorelli, O.F.M. Patio)

Recycling Center $10K

Resident Friar’s Apartment $25K

Resident Director’s Office $10K (Edwin Sells and Eveline Ward-Sells)

Resident Affairs Office $10K

Sr. Thea Bowman Center for Women $25K

Staff Offices (Class of 2011)

Vending Area $10K

TV Lounge $25K (BBL Construction Services) (Class of 2010)

Center for Undergraduate Research & Creative Activity (CURCA)

The goal of the Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA) is to distinguish Siena College as an institution that values both classroom and high-impact experiential learning. Siena has a culture of faculty and student engagement in the form of undergraduate research, scholarship and creative activity. Working with faculty mentors, students in Siena’s schools of Liberal Arts, Science and Business are using research to uncover their passion while developing skills they will use to pursue it. This student-faculty partnership distinguishes Siena as an institution valuing high experiential learning both in and out of the classroom with challenging research projects that push boundaries and expand world-views...Click here