How To Create A Scholarship

How To Create A Scholarship

Creating an endowed scholarship at Siena is easier than you might think. To start a named scholarship, Siena requires an investment of at least $30,000, payable over five years. Some corporate sponsors may establish a scholarship in the name of their business. Members of a family or group -- regardless of whether they went to Siena -- can join together to put the establishment of a Family or Group Scholarship well within reach. 

An endowed Scholarship, where the investment earnings only are expended annually, is your gift to Siena students for generations. The principal is maintained intact, creating a lasting tribute to your generosity.

What happens after I decide to create a Named Scholarship?

You'll work with Siena's Development Office to establish a payment schedule, terms, and details of your Scholarship. A description of your Scholarship will appear each year in the College Catalog, which will be used by the College as the guideline in making awards to students.

Can I choose the preferences for my scholarship? Yes, depending on the level of the scholarship gift:

$30,000 – You may name the scholarship.

$50,000 - You may name the scholarship and the school in which the student is enrolled.

$100,000 - You may name the scholarship, and designate a major area of study.

$250,000 - You may name the scholarship and either the state of residency, or designate an award to a son/daughter of a particular company employee, or student enrolled in a specific program

$500,000 - You may name the scholarship and determine the maximum financial aid impact.

Can I make additional gifts to our Scholarship Endowment after the first five years?

You may add to your Scholarship at any time. The only requirement is that the endowment must be at least $30,000 after five years.

I would like more information

For more information, please contact the Siena College Development Office, St. Francis House, 515 Loudon Road, Loudonville, NY 12211; telephone (518) 783-2432.

Office of Development & External Affairs. Please contact for questions regarding endowing a scholarship. For questions regarding eligibility for or application for a specific scholarship please contact