A generous gift from Jan Marie Traynor MacDonnell ’83 and Russell MacDonnell

Siena Degree

Bachelor of Science in Psychology, 1983

Current Residence

North Palm Beach, FL

My Siena Experience

Since I first stepped foot on the campus, I immediately felt a strong sense of community. My classmates and mentors inspired me to become involved both in academics and extracurriculars. Activities like joining study groups, working as a tour guide, and volunteering as a big sister all helped me forge a deep connection with people at the college and within the greater capital area. These experiences, guided by the Franciscan traditions, were pivotal in building my strong appreciation for what Siena had to offer and how we could work together to further improve these opportunities.

Siena impact on business or personal success

Siena was an essential building block in the path to me establishing my own company. My well-rounded experience provided me with readiness to take on new challenges. Additionally, through the encouragement of my mentors, I gained greater confidence. When I started graduate school and began working in admissions, I felt certain in my ability to provide thorough and meaningful guidance to students. My record of success led people to trust my expertise and enabled me to found my business.

Inspiration to give back to Siena

To allow other people to have the advantages I had.

Other Degrees

Masters from Springfield College and Harvard University