#1. The Dog Pound

Without the Annual Fund's support, many of Siena's 60+ clubs and organizations would not exist or their budgets would only be partially funded. 

#2. Christmas Spirit

From the Christmas lights that illuminate Route 9 to Advent services in the chapel to charitable programs run through the Franciscan Center for Service and Advocacy, gifts to the Annual Fund help make the Christmas season possible. 

#3. Rockets

The Annual Fund supports student-faculty research so students can do things like build a satellite that gets launched by NASA into space.

#4. SienaFest

The most-loved student events are all supported by the Annual Fund, including SienaFest, Fall Fusion, Muscial Mayhem, SEB coffee house, Charity Week, movie nights and Winter Weekend.

#5. The Seasons

True, the actual changing of seasons are more Mother Nature's wheelhouse. But, Annual Fund gifts do help to keep Siena's campus one of the most beautiful around. 

#6. Makeovers

Renovations and maintenance of Siena's facilities and the construction of new buildings would not be possible without Siena's Annual Fund.

#7. The Future 

Whether it's in a classroom, courtroom, operating room, boardroom, on Wall Street or a non-profit, the Annual Fund helps students gain the skills they need to succeed in the career of their choice. They are your future colleagues and neighbors!

#8. Grad Rates

The level of support provided to Siena students translates to nation-leading graduation rates. Not only are our student athletes at the top of their class, but Siena's four-year grad rate of 74% beats the average for Catholic (54.2%), private (53.8%) and public (39%) colleges and universities.

#9. Study Abroad

 The Annual Fund bolsters the operating costs of the Study Abroad program (and every other department on campus!) and opens doors to international experiences that 25% of Siena students choose to participate in. 

#10. A Full Day

From their first class to late night TV with their roommates, Annual Fund monies are a part of every aspect of a Siena student's day. 

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