Siena College is pleased to honor Patricia Hunter Standish, educator and patron of the arts.

Patricia Hunter Standish earned her bachelor's degree in English and Spanish, and master's degree in English from The College of Saint Rose. From 1958 to 1989, Mrs. Standish was a popular adjunct lecturer in English at Siena College. Her enthusiasm for Anglo-Saxon and medieval literature, especially Chaucer, is well known. She is also known for having acted in many college theater productions. Mrs. Standish was always available to students. The J. Spencer and Patricia Standish Library represents Mrs. Standish and her husband's long time commitment to Siena College and its educational mission.

Mrs. Standish also taught as an adjunct lecturer of English at The College of Saint Rose, and served for nine years on its Board of Trustees. The College of Saint Rose recognized Mrs. Standish's commitment to education with the December 2002 dedication of The Patricia Standish Education and Curriculum Library. Active in promoting the arts, Mrs. Standish served for seven years as a Trustee of Capital Repertory Theater, and two years on the Board of the New York State Council of the Arts. Presently, she is an active member of the Vero Beach Museum of Art.

Mrs. Standish has also been active with other civic and non-profit groups including the Albany-Schenectady League of Arts, Aids Council of Northeastern New York, the American Cancer Society, and United Way of Northeastern New York.

In recognition of her contributions to education and the arts, as well as to local civic and non-profit organizations, Siena College honors Patricia Hunter Standish with the honorary degree, Doctor of Letters.