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The Office of Alumni Relations at Siena helps provide pathways for our 34,000+ alumni to stay connected. Whether your interest is in being a reunion or regional chapter volunteer, being an admissions volunteer, providing career mentoring and internships for students, or simply staying in touch with friends, we can help connect you! We have alumni in all 50 states and around the world.


1. Face-to-face time with your friends and classmates
2. Share old memories while making new ones
3. See all of the updates and additions to the growing campus
4. Share Siena with your children
5. Relive your glory days at Siena without studying
6. Hang out with Bernie (mascot) at the picnic
7. Visit your old residence halls and townhouses
8. Catch up with your favorite Friars
9. Gear up at the Bookstore and show your Siena spirit
10. Fall in love with Siena all over again!


As a registered member of the Online Community, the directory is a great resource for personal and professional networking and an easy way to keep up-to-date on fellow alumni.

  • Search the Online Directory for fellow alumni using either the Simple Search or Advance Search options, the more information you enter, the more refined a search you perform
  • View your directory listing and use the update feature to send any address, business, or academic changes to Siena. This is an easy way to provide Siena and fellow alumni, with current personal information and professional or academic accomplishments.

Career Services

Once a Saint, always a Saint. As a Siena graduate you will continue to have access to all the counseling services and resources that were available to you as a student. And then some.