Tech Valley Science Scholars

Tech Valley Science Scholars

The Tech Valley Scholars Program offers scholarships and academic support to top chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics students with unmet financial need. The program prepares students for extraordinary achievement in nanotechnology, information technology, and biotechnology all exciting and major growth areas in Tech Valley in New York’s Capital Region. Tech Valley Scholars are also better prepared to go on to graduate school in a variety of STEM disciplines.

The Scholarship

The program can award up to $10,000 for academically talented students with unmet financial need. Women and minority students are encouraged to apply.

To Apply

  • Fill in and submit the application.

  • All applicants must include an essay of no more than one page long and should demonstrate commitment to pursuing a career in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, physics, or science education.

  • Recommendation Letters:  Current and transfer students must include two letters of recommendation from faculty or mentors who can comment on the applicant's aptitude in and commitment to a career in chemistry, computer science, mathematics, or physics.

  • Applicants must see that faculty upload the recommendations.