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Alumni Testimonials

Anonymous comments compiled from an Alumni Survey:

"The coursework and field experiences through the Siena social work program helped me to mature and develop as a young professional"

"I gained more professional experience as a student than many of my peers in other fields"

"I went into my first job very prepared to begin bachelor's level work and participate  at a professional level with my team in the agency where I worked"

"I feel as though Siena prepared me to network and take advantage of EVERY opportunity presented - I know I would not be where I am today - nor would I have been hired directly out of graduate school had it not been for my preparation at Siena"

"I believe my education at Siena helped me to be a more competent, effective, well-rounded social worker"

"Siena social work helped me be more confident and prepared for graduate school"

"It is a small program so you really form a connection with the professors and fellow classmates!"

"The social work community at Siena made me really feel like I mattered and was cared for"

"I am where I am today because of Siena's Social Work Program"

"The curriculum, Franciscan tradition, and close involvement of the faculty helped me to develop as a person and professional"

Department Chair

Donna McIntosh

Donna D. McIntosh

Professor of Social Work

310 Rosetti Hall

(518) 783‑4261