Mission & Learning Goals

Mission & Learning Goals

Mission:  The Physics Department aims to develop in students a thorough understanding of the laws of physics and their applications.  It fosters an understanding and appreciation of the meaning and significance of the laws of physics and their relevance to students’ lives; the ability to apply the laws of physics to real world situations to solve problems analytically and numerically; to think and write critically; to design experiments and analyze and present data and results; hands-on experience with current research techniques employed in physics; critical thinking and investigational curiosity and drive.

  1. Students will understand the fundamental concepts and theories of physics.   Students will be familiar with the historical development of physics
  2. Students will develop strong analytical skills and facility with mathematical modeling.   Furthermore, students will learn to use computers to analyze and visualize data.
  3. Students will demonstrate facility with laboratory equipment and techniques including computers as acquisition and experimental tools.
  4. Students will be able to research and clearly express scientific ideas using oral, visual and written communication.
  5. Students will be able to analyze and interpret experimental data, and assess the statistical significance of results.  Students will be able to evaluate the quality of scientific information.

Students will be able to design, plan and conduct an independent research project.

Department Chair

Rose A. Finn

Professor of Physics

254 Roger Bacon

(518) 782‑6764