Related Programs

Related Programs

Pre-Law at Siena

Thinking about Law School? Major in Philosophy! The study of philosophy provides students with training in analytic thinking and logical argumentation, both of which are essential to success in law school and in the practice of law. And philosophy majors examine many of the current moral, political, and legal issues that are of interest to lawyers, judges and legal scholars. The Pre-Law program is specially designed to navigate students through the law school admissions process. 

The Standish Honors Program

Joining the Honors Program or simply taking Honors designated courses allows a philosophy major or minor to deepen research and critical skills in classes with other intellectually dedicated students. The opportunity to engage in a year of sustained inquiry and writing to produce an Honors Thesis will be a tremendous experience and resume highlight.

Study Abroad

Whether pursuing an International Internship, joining a service trip, or deepening one’s language skills, traveling to different countries and cultures will expand your understanding of the human condition in intense and enjoyable ways. Especially as the Philosophy major leaves ample room for elective courses, we strongly recommend enriching your level of knowledge through world travel.

Department Chair

Josh Alexander

Joshua J. Alexander

Associate Professor of Philosophy

412 Siena Hall

(518) 782‑6715