Environmental Studies or Environmental Science: What's the Difference?

Environmental Studies or Environmental Science

The difference between environmental studies and environmental science comes down to which tools you will rely upon most when attempting to solve environmental problems. Both degree tracks are interdisciplinary and both prepare you to be an environmental professional.

The environmental science degree track leads to a Bachelor of Science and focuses on solving environmental problems with ecological and analytical tools. This major requires significant coursework in mathematics, biology, and chemistry or physics. If you’re thinking about a career in natural resources management, environmental toxicology, or energy systems, this is the major for you. 

The environmental studies degree track leads to a Bachelor of Arts and relies upon the social sciences and humanities as problem-solving tools. This major pairs well with a minor in political science, international studies, or business, or a certificate in community development. An environmental studies major is a good fit if you’re interested in a career in sustainability coordination, environmental education, or environmental law.