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Economics has been described as confronting the problem that arises when people have unlimited wants, but limited means. As a Siena economics major, you’ll study social systems, including families, markets, and corporations, so you can make policy recommendations and decisions that help bridge the gap between wants and means.

The Economics Department at Siena College creates a learning environment that emphasizes both mainstream and heterodox approaches to economics, as well as principles of economic justice related to Siena's Franciscan tradition.  Our curriculum is taught critically and comparatively to promote inquiry and intellectual growth, and provides outstanding career preparation.  The B.A. offers students the opportunity to focus on the relationship between economics and society, while the B.B includes specific trainng in the functional areas of business.

If you pick up the newspaper or turn on the news, it’s clear that economic forces impact all of us on a daily basis. The field of economics encompasses important societal issues, from social welfare programs, employment rates, and income inequality to inflation, monopolies, and antitrust laws.

Why study economics?

A background in economics helps you understand, debate, discuss, and form national and international policy. Economists ask questions about societal programs and problems and employ mathematical and statistical tools to form sound policy. If you’re interested in international trade, international affairs, business cycles, or the stock markets, consider majoring in economics. A degree in economics also prepares you for careers in banking, law, marketing, journalism, environmental science, and medicine.

B.A. versus B.S.

Siena College offers a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in economics, as well as an economics minor. Our B.A. track focuses on the relationship between economics and society, while our B.S. track requires additional study in business. To decide which is right for you, visit our course catalog or speak with a member of our department faculty.

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