Chemistry and Biochemistry Seminar Schedule

Departmental Seminars

Departmental seminars are held on Friday's at 4pm in Roger Bacon 226.  Seminar speakers are invited from local and national colleges and universities, local industries that involved in Chemistry and Biochemistry, and our own faculty.

Spring 2014 Schedule

January 31st: Prof. Jodi O'Donnell & Prof. Lucas Tucker, Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Siena College

February 21st: Mr. Lukasz Gauza, Department of Chemistry University of Nebraska

March 28th: Prof. Adam Van Wynsbergh, Department of Chemistry, Hamilton College

April 11th: Prof. Swapan Jain, Department of Chemistry, Bard College

Department Chair

George Barnes

George L. Barnes

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry

202 Morrell Science Center

(518) 782‑6880