Academic Summer Camps

Academic Summer Camps

Make new friends and learn new skills while having fun!

Each summer, hundreds of young people from the Capital Region gather at Siena College to enjoy a variety of camp experiences, make new friends, and learn new skills while having fun. Many of our camps are directed by full-time Siena faculty members who wish to share their expertise and love for teaching with our campers. Registering for camp is easy when you use our online registration process

We hope that you find the perfect camp for you and we look forward to welcoming you to the Siena campus this summer!

Questions? Call (518) 783-2307 for more information.

More camps COMING SOON! Please continue to check back for an updated list of our 2017 Academic Summer Camps.

Week of June 26 - 30

NXT Robotics

June 26 – 30 /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages 9 – 14

Using the NXT robotics and the EV3 software, you’ll build your own robots and program them to perform the different challenges presented to you. Your robot may have to deliver a message or climb an obstacle or use its sensors or battle another robot. Each class will involve developing your building and coding skills to meet the different challenges each week.


June 26 – 30 (no camp July 4) /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages 9 – 12

You can see the Moon in your Minecraft game -- now you can go there! In this camp you will learn how to build a rocket, oxygen systems, fuel system and more. Then you will use that knowledge to launch to the Moon and Mars. Can you build a working oxygen system for your Moon Base in time? Let's find out!

Week of July 3 - 7

Electronic Music Lab

July 3 – 7 (no camp July 4) /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $250  /  Ages 9 – 14

Learn the fundamentals of computer music production through a series of hands-on projects and challenges designed to promote creativity, problem solving and technical abilities. Students will learn about MIDI, digital audio, microphones, looping, mixing, effects, DIY musical instruments and more! At the end of the camp, students will have a copy of their production to take home.

FLOSS Desktops and Computer Hardware

July 3 – 7 (no camp July 4) /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $250  /  Ages 10 – 16

Through hands-on experience students will refurbish a computer to bring home. They will make repairs, wipe hard drives, install open source software and learn about open source program and apps by selecting their own projects. In addition — through a video game — students will learn about digital media types, external computer accessories, internet functionality, email protocol and terminology, boolean search logic, network functionality and setup, home network setup, internet safety and protection.

Making Mods for Minecraft

July 3 – 7 (no camp July 4) /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $250  /  Ages 9 – 12

Minecraft is fun, but if you want to learn how to add your own content, alter gameplay, change the creative feel, or give the player more options in how they interact with Minecraft worlds, then come join us for Making Mods! Some experience with Minecraft is required. Experience with Java programming is not required, but some familiarity using Java is recommended.

Week of July 10 - 14


July 10 – 14  /  9 am – Noon  /  Tuition: $250  /  Ages: 13 - 18

CourtCamp provides a fun, yet challenging environment in which to develop critical thinking, logical reasoning, publice speaking, and professional polish. CourtCamp examines basic legal concepts, legal terminology, the American court system, and much more while focusing on a fictional case. Using that fictional case, CourtCampers prepare for a mock trial to be presented for family and friends on the last day of CourtCamp. Ideal for teens simply exploring, and for budding attorneys alike. No prior experience or preparation necessary.

Escape Room Math Mysteries

July 10 – 14  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 9 – 14

Do you enjoy a challenge? Do you think you can outsmart your friends? Participants in this camp will need to be clever, resourceful and strategic. Just like the wildly popular escape rooms, students will be tasked with solving puzzles, cracking codes and deciphering clues in order to ‘escape’ the room. In addition to becoming escape artists the students will get a chance to show off their creativity by designing their very own interactive room. It will be the perfect opportunity to strengthen problem solving, team building, and analytical thinking skills.


July 10 – 14  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 9 – 14

Using a mod in Minecraft, you will learn how to make machines to harvest and make more resources for you. Machines include generators, batboxes, transformers, circuits, solar panels, windmills, etc.   MC experience required.

Introduction to Game Design & App Development

July 10 – 14  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 9 – 14

Learn the fundamentals of game design and interactive app development through a series of hands-on projects and challenges designed to promote creativity, problem solving and technical abilities. Students will learn the basics of coding to produce games and apps with a series of open-source, freely available tools. After camp, students will be able to continue working on their projects at home.

Week of July 17 - 21

Digital to Analog Landscapes

July 17 – 21  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 9 – 14

Students will use digital cameras to explore the campus creating landscape photographs. From those photographs, the students will then create watercolor landscapes.

Minecraft Science

July 17 – 21  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 9 – 14

Using different mods and different worlds in Minecraft, learn all about science from particle physics to atomic physics to nuclear physics to energy generation. As a final project we will try to build the Large Hadron Collider.

Playing with Microcontrollers

July 17 – 21  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 9 – 14

Microcontrollers are useful to read sensors and control devices. Students will work on a number of projects and program the Arduino using a programming environment similar to C.  Projects will include reading different sensors, blinking LEDs, turning motors on and off, and projects that build on these skills.

Week of July 24 - 28

Raspberry Pi

July 24 - 28   /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages 9 – 14

Learn the Linux operating system, Python programming language, how to use the GPIO inputs and outputs to control lights and sounds, a program called Motion for video capture and recording, and more with this inexpensive Linux computer.

Quantum Mechanics in Minecraft

July 24 - 28   /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages 9 – 14

Everyone knows Minecraft is all about using blocks to build and make really cool stuff. But did you know that Minecraft can help you learn some pretty advanced science concepts, too? Campers will experiment with disappearing blocks, entangled blocks, and blocks that change before your eyes. We’ll use qCraft mods as a fun way to experiment, build, and play Minecraft, while introducing players to the fascinating and counterintuitive ways that quantum entities interact. Participants will have fun playing Minecraft to learn how quantum behaviors are different from our everyday experience. We’ll add in other mods as needed to enhance the experience. Minecraft experience is recommended, but not required.

Week of July 31 - August 4

Advanced Game Design

July 31 - August 4   /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages 9 – 14

Learn advanced techniques in game design using programs such as Gamemaker Studio or Construct 2. These programs are industry leading game engines.  At the end of the week students will have a thorough working knowledge of the software and game logic.

Physics in Minecraft

July 31 - August 4   /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages 9 – 14

Learn how physics works in Minecraft. Explore cannons, momentum, roller coasters, energy, locomotion, redstone, quantum mechanics, and more.

Week of August 14 - 18

Drawing with Java Programming

August 14 – 18  /  9 am – 1 pm  /  Tuition: $300  /  Ages: 13 – 18

Discover the fun and power of being able to program! In this camp, you will write programs that create interesting, beautiful personalized drawings while learning the basics of Java. Topics covered include classes, objects, methods, variables, selection, and looping. No prior Java programming experience needed. This camp is a great head start for anyone planning to take an AP computer science course.

Prerequisite: Completed High School Algebra I course.