Majors, Minors, & Certificates

Strategic Communication

This concentration allows students to examine the critical role of strategic business communication in achieving an organization's objectives, including during times of crisis. It is excellent preparation for students who want to start a business, work in the public or private sectors, join a not-for-profit or pursue graduate education.

Note: A concentration can be used in different ways depending on a student’s major. Students in the business major pair two concentrations from different disciplines. The concentrations are also available to students in other majors.

Emphasis will be placed on skills and techniques for developing an integrated approach towards communication and strategy. Topics in these courses will include business communications, the functions of management, project management and ethics. Students will learn and practice skills that apply to the changing world, including how to manage and communicate during times of organizational change, communicating in times of crisis, managing conflict, dealing with news media, community and other stakeholders, and communicating to manage and implement large scale projects.

Business Major

Siena's business major provides both a strong overview of business subjects and an opportunity to dive deeper into two areas of interest through its concentrations.