Majors, Minors, & Certificates


It is anticipated that 759 million people will speak French by 2050, surpassing the number of English and Spanish speakers. Siena’s French major is taught in small classes, providing a well-rounded understanding of the language, its culture and history. Experience study abroad, volunteer, undergraduate research and internship opportunities—all deepening your classroom experience and opening doors to careers in teaching, diplomacy, international business and technology.

Program Highlights

  • A variety of Study Abroad programs in France and French-speaking countries, some of which include volunteer learning experiences or business internships in France, Belgium and Senegal.
  • French conversation courses are capped at 15 students while other French courses are capped at 20 students.
  • Faculty mentors who value and support students’ intellectual growth and success at Siena and after graduation.
  • Some courses taught in English, including French Cinema and French Literature in translation, in order to foster diversity and multicultural awareness among students who do not speak French.
  • Travel courses to France allow students to experience what they learn in the classroom firsthand.
  • Undergraduate research opportunities, including independent studies and tutorials, where students work on specific research projects ranging from culinary specialties to literary, socio-political and filmic works.

Skills Developed

  • Ability to communicate in French with confidence.
  • General knowledge of key elements of the French language (geography, family life, educational system, etc.)
  • Awareness of key historic events related to the French language.
  • Ability to interpret texts linguistically and stylistically.
  • Ability to analyze authentic cultural materials such as literary pieces, news broadcasts and films.
  • Critical thinking by making intercultural connections, as well as comparing and contrasting cultures.
  • French writing skills for social, academic and professional purposes.

Modern Languages and Classics Department

We study the past and prepare students for a global future, offering major and minor degrees in Classics, French, German, Greek, Italian, Latin and Spanish, as well as instruction in all levels of American Sign Language, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.