International Studies

The International Studies minor complements all majors and prepares students to “address the challenges of an ever-changing” world and diverse society. Students will examine how their personal decisions and those of U.S. Citizens affect and are being affected by decisions beyond our borders. They will also see that most careers, whether in the arts, non-profit, health, business, social policy/action are pursued within a global context.

In today’s world, how we live-- our jobs, our culture, our society-- is affected by how we interact both directly and indirectly with others across our borders. The International Studies minor enables the student to participate in these interactions to enhance their academic success, future careers, and become socially responsible global citizens.

International Studies at Siena

The International Studies minor provides students with opportunities to learn about our global health, environment, histories, culture, economy, politics, and society.  Our students celebrate international diversity, find local solutions to our global problems, and realize themselves as agents of change.

Students can simultaneously pursue a minor in International Studies while pursuing a major in Accounting, Actuarial Science, Biology, Chemistry, Creative Arts, Economics, English, Finance, History, Languages (French, Spanish), Management, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Religious Studies, Social Work, Sociology or other majors. 

Career options

Some of our minors have started their own International Non-Governmental Organizations, worked in the corporate sector in finance and marketing, and join the world of international education administration.


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Jenna Kersten

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English Major

Hamburg, N.Y.

I know that it's what everybody says, but I really loved the community aspect of Siena. I really wanted to go to a place that made me feel like I was at home, and that's what I've found here.


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