Media Relations

Media Relations

Siena College's Marketing and Communications Office supports and provides information to news organizations about the College and its community. Because the College is a private institution, we respect our students’ rights to privacy. We also recognize that the media have tight deadlines and make an effort to respond to requests in a timely manner. Members of the media interested in attending events or arranging interviews at Siena must contact the Marketing and Communications Office before arriving on campus.



Siena College maintains an extensive database of expert media sources covering a range of news topics including economics, the environment, politics, financial aid, women’s issues and more.

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Lisa Witkowski

Associate Director of Marketing and Communications



In the event of an urgent matter, please call: 518-859-8632


  • Two-Thirds Say Growing Up Today Harder Than When They Were Kids

    Two-Thirds Say Growing Up Today Harder Than When They Were Kids
    Life Chances Good for Education; 8 in 10 Say Local Youth Will Have Access to Quality Education & Graduate H.S.
    4 in 10 Think Youth Will Abuse Drugs or Alcohol; 1 in 3 say Youth Programs do ‘Fair’ or ‘Poor’ Job Preventing Drug/Alcohol Abuse
    Youth Programs Rated Best on Providing Safe Environment & Encouraging Physical Activity
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  • Most Responsible for Opioid Abuse: MD’s Over-prescribing

    Part II of Four-Part Siena College Poll: Who is Responsible for this Crisis?
    Conducted as part of the Prescription for Progress*
    Most Responsible for Opioid Abuse: MD’s Over-prescribing, Moral Failings & Pharma Promoting Without Warning

    67% Say NYS Govt. Entities Not Doing as Much as They Can

    Support for Funding Treatment, Addressing Root Causes, Education, Going after Those Responsible & Empowering Law Enforcement
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  • Careers in Consumer Marketing: Christine Kerwick Wiker ’78

    For the final School of Business lecture of the semester, Christine Kerwick Wiker ’78 came prepared. Read More