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  • Gibson Maintains Huge 23 Point Lead Over Eldridge

    Time Warner Cable News / Siena College 19th Congressional District Poll:
    Gibson Maintains Huge 23-Point Lead Over Eldridge
    Voters Strongly View Incumbent Favorably; Divided on the Challenger Read More

  • Katko Now Leads Maffei By 10 Points / Post-Standard / Siena College 24th Congressional District Poll:
    In Dramatic Turn Around, Katko Now Leads Maffei By 10 Points, Having Trailed By 8 Points Last Month
    Maffei Up Big in Syracuse; Katko Up Double Digits in Rest of District Read More

  • Croci Maintains Huge Lead Over Esposito

    Newsday / News 12 Long Island / Siena College State Senate 3rd S.D. Poll:
    Croci Maintains Huge 59-34% Lead Over Esposito Read More

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