Solutions Summit FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my issue brief look like?
Here is a good format to follow when you are writing up your issue brief.

What is the role of a faculty advisor?
The faculty advisor should be a professor who specializes in your issue area and/or in policy in general. The faculty advisor can assist your team by providing insight on policy or extra resources in terms of research. This will help with the research that you will need to complete on your issue area.

What is the role of a staff advisor?
The staff advisor can be any member of the staff for the Bonner program at your school. The staff advisor can critique and workshop your presentation, help keep track of deadlines and help the team leader manage the rest of the team. The staff advisor will also attend the competition with your team.

What is the role of a team leader?
The team leader is a student on the policy team at your school who will take the lead on this project. This student should organize team meetings regularly and assign roles to each participating member. The team leader is responsible for ensuring the presentation is completed in a timely manner and all team members are present at the competition on mm/dd/yyyy. This student should also keep the coordinators of the competition updated with any changes in terms of their presentation or policy team.

What is the difference between a brief and an implementation presentation?
Both types of presentations should address an issue area and why it is important and relevant in your community. They should include a critique of various policy options that have been used in the past, as well as your team’s idea for a policy that would best effectively combat this issue. With an implementation presentation, you will present the steps that need to be taken in order for your policy to be implemented in your community. Your team must also address how your policy will be sustainable and what you think the outcomes will look like. A policy brief presentation, on the other hand, will exhibit a policy the Bonner program at your school has already implemented. This presentation will showcase what the policy consists of, how it was implemented, and how successful it was in addressing the issue. The policy brief presentation should also evaluate the sustainability of the policy and its effects.

Can my team present a brief and implementation proposal?
Yes! If your team is interested in competing in both types of presentation avenues, you can indicate this on your application. If you have already submitted your application and wish to change which type of presentation you are going to do, please email and

How many team members must be included?
Each team should consist of no more than 6 members, all of which are expected to equally participate in preparation for the competition, as well as the presentation itself.

What are some examples of issue areas?
Issue areas must fall under one of the following categories: Youth, Health, Homelessness, Education, Immigration/Refugee Services, Poverty. An example of an issue within the category of “Youth” would be after-school program retention. An example of an issue within the category of “Homelessness” would be the difficulties people with mental illnesses have in finding an adequate place to live. An example of an issue within the category of “Poverty” would be youth hunger. If you have questions on whether or not your issue area is acceptable or which category your issue falls under, please email and

What types of presentations are permitted?
Presentations can be posters, videos, powerpoints, any other presentation software, or a combination of two or more of these methods. If you would like to utilize an alternative form of presentation, please email at and with your idea.

Where can I find the guidelines for the competition?
The competition guidelines can be found here.

What happens if our issue area or presentation changes before the competition?
If your issue area or mode of presentation changes after this application, please email and with the updated information on your presentation.

Timeline of events
Application deadline: mm/dd/yyyy
Competition date: mm/dd/yyyy