Office of Residential Life

  • Sarazen Student Union 318
    Phone: 518-783-2919
    Fax: 518-782-6870
  • Ms. Kathleen Brannock; Director of Residential Life

Roommate Conflicts

What should I do if my son/daughter isn’t getting along with his/her roommate(s)?

Encourage your child to speak in person and directly with the roommate. In many instances the issue can be solved through open communication. If those conversations do not solve the problem, they should find their RA and discuss options. The RAs are trained to facilitate constructive conversations between the roommates. If the avenue does not ease the concerns the Residence Director can get involved. Changing a room assignment is typically only used as a last resort.

Here is some more information that your son/daughter can use at the beginning of and throughout the year to make sure the roommate relationship is based on open communication.

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